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Drag Me to Hell
A loan officer finds herself cursed after she evicts an old woman from her home.

The Wolfman
After decades of absence, a man returns to his English ancestral home, only to be attacked by a werewolf.

After their yacht capsizes in a storm, its crew are rescued by a ocean liner — but when they board, they find the vessel deserted.

The Last Exorcism
After 25 years of lip-service exorcisms, a minister invites a film crew to expose his preachy spruiking for the sham it is.

The Woman
While hunting in the woods, a Maine court officer captures a feral woman, chains her up, and plans to civilise her. Bad decision.

Julia’s Eyes (‘Les Ojos de Julia’)
A woman who is slowly going blind hunts for the man she believes killed her twin sister.

Fright Night
Colin Farrell drips slinky menace as a 400-year-old vampire living in the Las Vegas ’burbs.

A nurse discovers that a brain-dead patient has terrifying telekinetic powers.

Suckers for the psycho-supernatural will have plenty to gasp at, and the juicy, Goth-shock climax kills.

The Woman in Black
A struggling, grieving lawyer is terrorised when he travels to a remote English village.

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