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A Quiet Place Part II
Back for a second, horrific spin, the most potent weapon in director John Krasinski’s tensile nightmare is still its silences.

We don’t dare use the words “laughably ugly” about a doll from hell, but if we did…

A group of friends with Stuff to Hide are monstered online by a dead girl. Scarily real.

Let Me In
Or maybe not! Who knew that a horror show could evolve into a deep-rooted layering of the inventive, the romantic, the monstrous and the piteous?

Film-makers James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s envelope-ripping showmanship that slams their haunted-house horror show out of the park.

The Babadook
Writer-director Jennifer Kent unmasks a woman’s creeping madness with frightening, impeccable, skin-crawling finesse.

It Follows
As if teenage sex weren't problematic enough without a deadly stalking curse.

The Witch
The perceived satanic curses are shrewdly planted whammies but the fundamental — and historically relevant — horror here is entirely human.

Green Room
Patrick Stewart keeps his statesmanlike cool in writer-director Jeremy Saulnier's horror show.

Those dark nights of the soul are the torment you’ll take away.

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