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Those dark nights of the soul are the torment you’ll take away.

First-time feature filmmaker Keith Thomas spooks the stuffing out of his viewers.

A cautionary tale for any woman who has ever fallen for a new outfit.

Elisabeth Moss’s Cecilia has everything under the sun to be petrified about.

When a rural escape goes pear-shaped, Nicolas Cage has a field day, whether milking an alpaca, promising “everything’s gonna be A-OK,” or erupting like a lunatic.

The bloodlust is cannily gross and the disintegrating relationships mildly disquieting in director Tony D’Aquino’s debut feature.

A quick heads-up: if you’re reeling from the murder-suicide of your parents and sister, it’s probably not the brightest idea to take off to a drug-fuelled cult festival.

Writer-director-producer Jordan Peele is barely getting started when he turns a 1986 amusement-park outing into a skin-crawling teaser in the opening scene of his latest frightener.

In filmmaker Lars von Trier’s nose-thumbing horror House, Matt Dillon, up for anything, plays a cerebral, OCD-afflicted, serial killer.

Even before LSD-spiked sangria rips their perceptions to shreds, the partying French dancers in filmmaker Gasper Noé’s mass breakdown are a volatile crew.

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