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Who isn’t a sucker for a homicidal robot doll?

No sacred cow is safe when old scores run amok over a hellish weekend everyone involved should have avoided.

Halloween Ends
There’s a strange majesty to the loopy closing minutes of Halloween’s last hurrah. Sit tight for that and for the fierce resistance of Jamie Lee Curtis.

You Won’t Be Alone
The dark art of film-maker Goran Stolevski’s trance-like debut lies in its evocation of longing.

Crimes of the Future
The morbidly unhinged is director David Cronenberg’s happy place.

The toy box is bigger but the cautionary themes run true to form in writer-director Jordan Peele’s alien misadventure.

The Black Phone
Dismal basement? Yep! Serial killer with handy van? Yep! Apparitions with axes to grind? What do you think?

Hatching (‘Pahanhautoja’)
A psycho bird freak invades a Finnish family home. Do you really need to know any more?

The Innocents (‘De Uskyldige’)
Telekinesis takes a lethal turn when four children play games with the unknown.

Food porn gets a sick twist when a hot date goes off in a horror show with a fiendish sense of fun.

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