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30 Days of Night
It’s dark, it’s cold, it's isolated Alaska and it’s riddled with ravenous vampires. Brrr!

Faced with almost certain death, an estranged couple must outwit their masked attackers.

A giant croc means business in an Australian thriller with a mother of a bite.

Stephen King is at his creepiest with a horror story about a diabolical hotel room.

Prom Night
Gaspers and shriekers will be in their squirmy element with this paint-by-number creepy-crawly.

It’s a downhill hurtle from night one when a suspended New York detective takes a make-do job as a night watchman.

Dying Breed
The Tasmanian tiger is officially extinct but that doesn’t stop two intrepid couples searching for one — and finding a community of cannibals.

The Orphanage (‘El Orfanato’)
When a couple set up house in an abandoned children’s home, their son pals up with imaginary friends — then disappears.

Black Water
Deep inside a mangrove swamp, a crocodile’s brute malevolence spurs an entrapped trio to desperate measures.

Vera Farmiga is wonderful, her mounting anguish elevating schlocky material to something that reels you in.

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