New Releases

West Side Story
Steven Spielberg directs a fresh-faced revamp of an evergreen classic that powers through the present while curtseying to the past.

The Worst Person in the World (‘Verdens Verste Menneske’)
Love and loss are the cornerstones of a trip through the speed bumps of self discovery.

Licorice Pizza
Heading back to the San Fernando Valley, a mellow Paul Thomas Anderson hangs loose with retro fun and games.

Delicious (‘Délicieux’)
A fictional filmic spin on France’s first restaurant makes for a très sweet soufflé.

The Duke
Thievery and courtroom theatrics rule the roost when a British senior cit stands up for his self-perceived rights.

The Greenhouse
The spectres of the past take possession of the present in a supernatural drama with a skin-crawling cautionary kick.

Film-maker Julia Ducournau’s deconstruction of torment thumbs its shattered nose at cut-and-paste franchises in a mash-up of fantasy and ferocity.

Dune: Part One
Killer looks only take the show so far in director Denis Villeneuve’s high-flown trip into not-so-deep space.

Blue Bayou
His cry of outrage is a heavy reckoning but writer-director-star Justin Chon delivers sincerity in spaces.

No Time to Die
Daniel Craig’s no-BS Bond rocks steel-tipped purpose like a bespoke tux.

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