New Releases

De Gaulle
Even when on the ropes with his family God-knows-where and France in chaos, the General stubbornly refuses to say die.

First Cow
Two dreamers risk it all on the American frontier in a deceptively downplayed game of chance.

Another Round (‘Druk’)
When four teachers resolve to drink alcohol every day to enhance their lives, their deranged experiment is a ticket to disaster.

When a grieving woman self-isolates in a dilapidated cabin, her rebirth as a pioneer is a baptism of fire.

Moon Rock for Monday
Writer-director Kurt Martin keeps his crew on the move through a desolate, stupendous outback Australia.

Who do you become when your mind deserts you? Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci tread with masterly reserve on this most terrifying ground.

Without a word, Russian filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky illuminates an idea in which farm animals exist on their own tranquil terms.

A tensely constructed, fact-drawn thriller probes the tentacles of the US opioid trade.

Antoinette in the Cévennes
Surely only the laissez-faire French could finesse such an irresistibly flawed femme.

The Father
Anthony Hopkins overwhelms as a man whose mind fails him in confounding and frightening increments.

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