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High Ground
The Arnhem Land in this full-on Australian actioner is explosively atmospheric.

Kate Winslet brings a wealth of unspoken emotions to Francis Lee’s sultry, slow-blooming love story.

How to Be a Good Wife (‘La Bonne Épouse’)

End of the Century (‘Fin de Siglo’)
A twisty head trip is underscored by the ambiguity of what could have been.

This Australian western is a scorching blunt instrument.

The sentient life of a machine casts a flesh-creeping shadow over a soulless world.

The Gibbs’ story turns childhood dreams into transcendent action as masters of the musical art.

Director Edouard Bergeon’s carefully tended first feature is terribly sad.

A lesson in just how much the disenfranchised stand to lose.

Jules Wilcox storms through this propulsive trial by fire at the emotionally shredded pitch of a cornered animal.

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