New Releases

The Gateway
Drug bungles call the shots in a hairy downhill ride.

The gulf between appearance and reality is the central paradox of a punchy Australian onion peeler.

Perfumes (‘Les Parfums’)
The beauty of the blossoming friendship between the two low-key leads is its uplifting lesson in potential.

Flying solo with two little girls, a dauntless Irish mother confronts the lingering injuries of domestic abuse.

From the Vine
Everything comes up roses when an over-it Toronto exec remakes his life in an ultra-romantic Italy.

Martin Eden
Disenchantment is the dark side of success in director Pietro Marcello’s sweeping measure of a driven man’s reinvention.

Deliver Us from Evil (‘Daman Akeseo Goohasoseo’)
The violence is as gory and kinetic as a video game in this red-blooded microverse, where killing is strictly a job for the boys.

Heroic Losers (‘La Odisea de los Giles’)
It’s heroism in down-home style when a shambolic posse of villagers go head-to-head with corporate corruption.

A hapless delivery man’s cable-laying gig is a caustic ride to a corporate dark side.

A Quiet Place Part II
Back for a second, horrific spin, the most potent weapon in director John Krasinski’s tensile nightmare is still its silences.

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