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With her tart-sweet worldview and keen sense of the ridiculous, filmmaker Miranda July spins straw into tender threads of gold.

An ex-con impersonating a man of the cloth will never have Happy Ending plastered all over him.

The reality of black folks doing their best to get by lets day-to-day details do the talking.

Those dark nights of the soul are the torment you’ll take away.

When Bill Murray’s rumpled, beloved mug first appears, the gears truly begin to click.

The tension is a ceaseless needling.

What a guilty pleasure it is when the eggheads turn on each other like panicked ferals.

There’s not one lifeless minute in this perfectly silly balm for a troubled world.

Even for a confirmed sceptic, conviction can be addictive.

Director Christopher Nolan the showman is in his element with this mammoth head-scratcher, rolling out stunts, trappings and confrontations.

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