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This unassuming little number never pretends to be anything but a tra-la to grace under pressure.

A high-stakes, bareback ride that grabs you from the get-go.

A cautionary tale for any woman who has ever fallen for a new outfit.

Elisabeth Moss’s Cecilia has everything under the sun to be petrified about.

Ben Affleck’s deeply felt portrayal is nothing less than atonement in action.

Mark Ruffalo combines forces with director Todd Haynes to turn a potentially rote procedural into a diabolical exposé.

It’s the women who take ownership of this moody show, both behind the camera and before it.

Shia LaBeouf patently has no illusions about the hand he was dealt.

Its cast is game for every genteel go-round, but the real rock stars are the costume, hair and production-design departments.

Paul Walter Hauser and Kathy Bates walk steadily through the wreckage of Richard Jewell’s undoing.

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