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Close encounters of the heavily layered kind come suds-equipped in an actorly family drama.

Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Movie: Mugen Train
Like a nightmare that refuses to end, Japan’s highest-grossing feature film is an off-the-rails trip.

Boss Level
A blazing salute to the addictive kick of gaming lays on the cut-and-thrust at top velocity.

The Truffle Hunters
The hunters are a joy, but 84-year-old Aurelio’s love for his dog is the sweetest bond you’ll see all year.

Filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung draws from his own family history with a fondness that threads every intimate scene.

The Food Club (‘Madklubben’)
Three Danish ladies of a certain age learn a scenic lesson in carpe diem.

High Ground
The Arnhem Land in this full-on Australian actioner is explosively atmospheric.

Kate Winslet brings a wealth of unspoken emotions to Francis Lee’s sultry, slow-blooming love story.

How to Be a Good Wife (‘La Bonne Épouse’)

End of the Century (‘Fin de Siglo’)
A twisty head trip is underscored by the ambiguity of what could have been.

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