New Releases

Nine Days
A group of unborn souls compete for a place on Earth in a poignant reminder of the fleeting beauty of life.

Who better to stir this splashy pot than the man who brought us talking limousines?

Rosa’s Wedding (‘La Boda de Rosa’)
It’s on for young and old in sunny Spain when a submissive seamstress finally asserts herself.

Nia DaCosta’s schmick sequel is coolly self-aware and as charged as an electrical storm.

Riders of Justice ('Retfærdighedens Ryttere')
A widower’s payback rampage is an offbeat barrel of laughs. Seriously.

The God Committee
A donor heart is an ethical hot potato in a push–pull of clashing agendas.

The Gateway
Drug bungles call the shots in a hairy downhill ride.

The gulf between appearance and reality is the central paradox of a punchy Australian onion peeler.

Perfumes (‘Les Parfums’)
The beauty of the blossoming friendship between the two low-key leads is its uplifting lesson in potential.

Flying solo with two little girls, a dauntless Irish mother confronts the lingering injuries of domestic abuse.

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