Last Film Show (‘Chhello Show’)
How awesome it is to be swept away by cinema, with the totality of which only children and fanatics are capable.

Everybody Loves Jeanne (‘Tout le Monde Aime Jeanne’)
A depressed French woman plays duelling banjos with her batty yet strikingly stylised thoughts.

Past Lives
The bittersweet reconnecting of childhood soulmates wraps an unrealised love story in unanswerable questions.

A power struggle between a dominatrix and her over-it client is a stripping back of layers, piece by ragged piece.

Godland (‘Volaða Land’; ‘Vanskabte Land’)
Two words: rug up. With its bone-seeping cold and torrential waters, 19th-century Iceland is vastly unforgiving.

Director Matt Johnson’s nutty slice of tech history is a crack-up at the start. But nobody is laughing when the BlackBerry’s nuts and bolts come undone.

Writer-director Jalmari Helander’s blood-and-guts revenge fantasy is the history revision you never knew you needed.

Gerwigland is a hectic pastel trip.

Sugar and Stars (‘À la Belle Etoile’)
If desserts are your favourite dish, this is one course you won’t want to miss.

Other People’s Children (‘Les Enfants des Autres’)
Love may not be all you need when your bf’s little daughter enters the equation.

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