Stars at Noon
Claire Denis is a director to watch, but her hot young stars barely raise a smoulder.

Framed by the Russian Federal Security Service, a cornered French executive makes a run for his life.

Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth do their incendiary damnedest with the complexities of psychological collapse.

The Menu
No cow is sacred when fine dining takes a nosedive.

The Wonder
A child’s survival without food is a miracle waiting to happen for believers and a minefield of secrets for the sceptical.

No sacred cow is safe when old scores run amok over a hellish weekend everyone involved should have avoided.

Armageddon Time
Filmmaker James Gray looks back. Not always the sunniest experience.

Decision to Leave (‘Heojil Kyolshim’)
Sadness is the bottom line in this loop the cryptic loop from Oldboy’s Park Chan-wook.

The Stranger
The lonely toll of undercover police work is intensified to maximum grimness by its life-and-death stakes.

A Taste of Hunger (‘Smagen af Sult’)
Blinkered desire is a bittersweet dish, no matter how prettily it’s plated.

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