The toy box is bigger but the cautionary themes run true to form in writer-director Jordan Peele’s alien misadventure.

Charlotte Rampling rules her New Zealand roost as a woman fighting for a final shot.

The Forgiven
The mills of God grind with relentless intent in an oppressive cautionary tale.

Full Time (‘À Plein Temps’)
It’s crunch time on steroids for a stressed-out hotel staffer with a To Do list that never stops.

The Black Phone
Dismal basement? Yep! Serial killer with handy van? Yep! Apparitions with axes to grind? What do you think?

Official Competition (‘Competencia Oficial’)
The mood du jour is lights, camera, crazy in a Spanish masterclass on how not to make a movie.

Compartment No. 6 (‘Hytti Nro 6’)
Two opposites clash and click on a frosty train trip to the Arctic Circle that sets out to warm hearts.

Ali & Ava
Adeel Akhtar and Claire Rushbrook are charmers with heart in an unfussy love affair that has its work cut out.

Haute Couture
Style meets substance when a transformative friendship takes shape in a Paris atelier. Dramas and Dior. Could anything be more French?

A Hero (‘Ghahreman’)
No one constructs a house of cards like Asghar Farhadi.

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