Jennifer Lopez’s sexy, sassy pole dancer could charm the scales off a cobra.

From his spat-out perspective, the world in which Arthur Fleck struggles to exist is malevolently ugly.

Co-directors Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego blend actors with non-professionals to uneven but earthy effect.

The power of understatement is everywhere present in writer-director Rodd Rathjen’s debut feature, from Sarm Heng's eloquent silences to the hushed misery that saturates every appalling scene.

It’s the psychological landscape of astronaut Roy McBride’s inner life, and the way it mirrors the profound solitude into which he escapes, that primarily concerns writer-director James Gray.

Creepingly slow to get going, writer-directors Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky’s sci-fi drama is a fable about the human fear of difference.

Director Sophie Hyde's keen take on the clashing paradoxes of woman and sister-hood is tender, awkward, confronting and illuminating.

Sometimes it is kosher to tell a lie. That’s the premise of writer-director Lulu Wang’s affectionate story of her own family’s ends and means.

The original dragon-tattooed girl, Noomi Rapace has a softer look these days, less angular and enraged, and without statement-making ink. But she has by no means lost her mojo.

Even though her seven-year sentence has been served, Irish convict Clare Carroll is punching bag and sexual prey in 19th-century Tasmania.

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