The tension is a ceaseless needling.

What a guilty pleasure it is when the eggheads turn on each other like panicked ferals.

There’s not one lifeless minute in this perfectly silly balm for a troubled world.

Even for a confirmed sceptic, conviction can be addictive.

Director Christopher Nolan the showman is in his element with this mammoth head-scratcher, rolling out stunts, trappings and confrontations.

Jaded police and angry teenagers clash in director Ladj Ly’s thriller, with from-the-gut performances across the board.

Daniel Auteuil is reliably likeable as a lost man pining for a simpler time when everything was before him.

Investing in the characters is everything when an ensemble is running the show, and there are a lot of them to invest in.

Jean Dujardin leans into lunacy in a marriage of the bizarre and the barking mad.

First-time feature filmmaker Keith Thomas spooks the stuffing out of his viewers.

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