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Kate Winslet brings a wealth of unspoken emotions to Francis Lee’s sultry, slow-blooming love story.

The emotional storm that will sweep two women away comes most strikingly alive through what they leave unsaid.

A fifty-plus, office-working, martini-sipping, music- and dance-loving divorced mother of two adult children, Gloria Bell isn’t afraid of flying solo. But then she meets fellow divorcé and former Marine Arnold.

Having wowed the cognoscenti at the Venice International Film Festival, Bradley Cooper’s directorial first has touched down in cinemas amid a blaze of rapturous publicity.

In the efficient opening scene of Adrift’s true story, a young woman, her face bloodied, awakens from unconsciousness to find herself alone on a partly submerged yacht with no land in sight.

As relationships go, Endre and Mária’s is as up against it as any partnership could possibly be. He’s the financial director of an abattoir and she’s its younger and patently strange quality inspector.

London author Juliet Ashton is charmed from her cosy digs, her dashing American fiancé and her solicitous publisher by a chance correspondence with a Channel Islands farmer.