Posts tagged with "Romantic comedy"

The Innocent ('L’Innocent')
Louis Garrel’s zesty souffle is a charmer from first caprice to last.

Twice Upon a Time (‘Désaccord Parfait’)
Charlotte Rampling is cut-glass class as a touchy actress finding her way back to romance.

Eagle vs Shark
A fast-food worker and a nerd hook up. (It’s more fun than it sounds.)

The Heartbreak Kid
Ben Stiller is a very naughty new husband in a Farrelly brothers comic remake.

27 Dresses
Katherine Heigl is the best thing by far about this flimsy skirt-fest.

Made of Honor
Patrick Dempsey’s latest romantic romp shapes up as a seamless fit.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
The good-time story of and out-of-work governess’s rags-to-riches escapade is as chic as a runway show.

Dan in Real Life
An advice columnist is besotted by his brother’s new girlfriend.

Shall We Kiss? (‘Un Baiser S’il Vous Plaît’)
Director Emmanuel Mouret explores the potential fallout when friends become lovers.

Rosa’s Wedding (‘La Boda de Rosa’)
It’s on for young and old in sunny Spain when a submissive seamstress finally asserts herself.

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