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Daniel Auteuil is reliably likeable as a lost man pining for a simpler time when everything was before him.

Alexandra Roach and George MacKay deserve each other in the sweetest possible way.

"I have no money and no husband," ravishing widow remarks while off to acquire both at the country estate of her in-laws.

An empty nest can’t help but feel forlorn, even for those parents with vibrant lives outside it. Argentinian professionals Marcos and Ana fit that bill after their son leaves home.

US secretary of state Charlotte Field and windmill-tilting newspaper journalist Fred Flarsky are multiple poles apart, but she gets his wisecracks and his combative writing.

As J.Lo’s latest movie love-interest so rightly observes, “It ain’t over until it’s over” — and it certainly ain’t over for supermarket assistant manager Maya.

Nothing could prepare New York economics professor Rachel Chu for the stonking wealth she encounters when her boyfriend flies her First Class (natch) to Singapore to brave his full-on family.