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(500) Days of Summer
The ups, downs and sideways of a couple’s on–off affair are a bittersweet beauty.

Born liars and secret lovers, two spies quit their jobs and covertly team up to fleece the corporate sector.

Valentine’s Day
A bunch of couples and singles play out Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.

The Switch
A single mother’s best friend realises he is the sperm donor who sired her seven-year-old son.

The Rebound
An upscale suburban wife and mother flicks her cheating spouse for a loft in New York City.

New York, I Love You
The theme that ties together the 11 short films is a need for connection in a city too jazzed on itself to so much as think about sleep.

Love & Other Drugs
Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal reunite post–Brokeback Mountain as passionate lovers.

It’s Complicated
A divorcee re-teams with her ex-husband of 19 years, who is now unhappily married to a much younger woman.

New Year’s Eve
Populist, escapist, romantic and predictable, it takes you exactly where you’re expecting to go.

Larry Crowne
A sacked supermarket worker’s life goes on the up and up after he enrols at his local community college.

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