Made of Honor


STARRING: Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan

Aisle be waiting: Dempsey and Monaghan

What’s a guy to do when he realises at the eleventh hour that his bestie of 10 years is also the love of his womanising life? Rent My Best Friend’s Wedding for inspiration while simultaneously kicking himself? Or, in the case of short-sighted Tom (Dempsey), whose gal-pal Hannah (Monaghan) gets engaged just when he realises he has “feelings” for her, pull out every stop in his persuasive arsenal to nix the nups? Figuring he has a surer shot at undermining Hannah’s thoroughly charming Scottish fiancé (Kevin McKidd) from within, Tom agrees to be Hannah’s maid of honour. Cue the played-out gay jokes.


Dempsey and Monaghan make a nifty twosome: he, of course, is the big McDreamy of TV heart-throbs, while she mixes frisky with savvy without overdoing either. The backup cast of buds and rellies are right on their game, as well, and the production, set in New York and rural Scotland, couldn’t be more glam. No mundane money issues for this streamlined dream machine — even its flatter patches are preternaturally pretty.