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The Invention of Lying
In a world where everyone is honest, a sacked writer turns his life around by suddenly discovering the ability to lie.

Assuming the on-the-fly filming is the real deal, Sacha Baron Cohen is the gutsiest satirist out there today.

Away We Go
With no home ties, an expectant couple travel around America looking for the ideal place to start a family.

Role Models
A grouch and his cheery sidekick are sentenced to 150 hours community service with a charity that pairs disadvantaged children with helpmate adults.

The Proposal
A New York book publisher faces deportation to Canada unless she sham-marries her henpecked assistant.

My Year without Sex
Led by the intuitive Sacha Horler, the ensemble cast’s true-to-life performances never take refuge in cheap-shot folksy.

I Love You, Man
Director John Hamburg’s sparky, empathic package balances loopy and insightful — sometimes in the same scene.

The Hangover
After getting wasted at a Vegas bachelor shindig, three pals wake up with no memory of what happened — and the groom missing.

The Boat That Rocked (‘Pirate Radio’)
Broadcasting from a rattletrap ship anchored in the North Sea, Radio Rock’s DJs transmit 24/7 to an audience of 25 million riveted Brits.

Wild Target
An English hit man can’t bring himself to kill the beautiful thief he has been hired to assassinate.

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