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The Change-Up
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are great, naughty-boy value, working quick smart from a quip-firing screenplay.

A wilfully immature playboy stands to lose his billion-dollar inheritance when he falls for a kindred free soul.

The Trip
Playing versions of themselves, mates Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden take off on a gastronomic tour of the North of England.

A housewife takes over the running of the family umbrella business after her husband is hurt during a strike.

The Women on the 6th Floor (‘Les Femmes du 6e  Étage’)
A Parisian couple's eyes are opened wide by a group of Spanish maids who live in the floor above them.

When two best mates on a motor-home road trip stumble upon a dead-set alien, it’s the culture shock of a lifetime.

Horrible Bosses
Three friends are saddled with the worst bosses in the world — and they’d kill to be freed of them.

Much Ado About Nothing
Director Joss Whedon’s sleek updating of the Bard’s resonantly spot-on 16th-century play.

The Internship
Two down-on-their-luck pals sweet-talk their way into Google’s trendsetting California campus.

The Gilded Cage (‘La Cage Dorée’)
A family-winery inheritance gives a Portuguese couple living in Paris the opportunity to relocate to their home country.

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