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What We Do in the Shadows
These centuries-old vamps love clubbing and the internet as much as they relish a juicy feed.

Hector and the Search for Happiness
Simon Pegg in search of bliss? Nothing not to love!

Bad Neighbours
The fun fur well and truly flies when a frat house moves next door to a cocooning couple.

The Intern
Robert De Niro plays nice as Anne Hathaway’s senior intern at a top-velocity fashion site.

Hollywood gets a winking treatment and Ari Gold blows a fuse. Or three.

The Wedding Ringer
A poor sap with no friends hires a smooth talker as his best man. Like that’s going to work.

The disaster-prone Griswolds are back and wreaking holiday havoc in another crackpot road trip.

She’s Funny That Way
Imogen Poots does Pretty Woman in a retro-themed, callgirl-as-actress comedy.

The Night Before
Three dudes at large with a bag of drugs on Christmas Eve. Holy night!

Mistress America
Greta Gerwig, so fab in Frances Ha, kills zany lovability once again.

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