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The Darjeeling Limited
Director Wes Anderson goes on and off the rails with a sublimely ridiculous Indian odyssey.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Cox jokes abound in a rock ’n’ roll biopic send-up that covers all the clichés.

St. Trinian’s
The old school ties get another airing in a modernised take on a classic.

Sex Drive
An 18-year-old geek and his pals have a humdinger of a road trip.

Four Christmases (‘Four Holidays’)
A San Francisco couple must endure four family get-togethers in one disaster-packed day.

Be Kind Rewind
Putting extra kinks into kooky, Jack Black hams it up as a mechanic on a movie-remaking mission.

Mixing cheeky speculation with a smidge of historical fact, director Laurent Tirard takes the playwright on a deranged escapade.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Jason Segel is a comedic godsend so shaggy-dog endearing you’ll want to scratch his tummy and feed him a treat.

Whip It
A small-town Texas misfit is hooked on the slam-bam adrenaline of roller derby in all its freewheeling glory.

What Just Happened
Who would be a Hollywood movie producer? After a taste of this finger-pointer from director Barry Levinson, only masochists with cast-iron stomachs.

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