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The gulf between appearance and reality is the central paradox of a punchy Australian onion peeler.

Flying solo with two little girls, a dauntless Irish mother confronts the lingering injuries of domestic abuse.

Deliver Us from Evil (‘Daman Akeseo Goohasoseo’)
The violence is as gory and kinetic as a video game in this red-blooded microverse, where killing is strictly a job for the boys.

A hapless delivery man’s cable-laying gig is a caustic ride to a corporate dark side.

A Quiet Place Part II
Back for a second, horrific spin, the most potent weapon in director John Krasinski’s tensile nightmare is still its silences.

Death of a Ladies’ Man
Hallucinations shine a strangely hopeful light on a dying man’s final reckoning in a comic drama that treads lightly over heavy ground.

De Gaulle
Even when on the ropes with his family God-knows-where and France in chaos, the General stubbornly refuses to say die.

Another Round (‘Druk’)
When four teachers resolve to drink alcohol every day to enhance their lives, their deranged experiment is a ticket to disaster.

Moon Rock for Monday
Writer-director Kurt Martin keeps his crew on the move through a desolate, stupendous outback Australia.

Who do you become when your mind deserts you? Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci tread with masterly reserve on this most terrifying ground.

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