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Marley & Me
As a couple go through their suburban paces, an exuberant Labrador is their faithful holy terror.

Lake Mungo
After 16-year-old Alice drowns in a dam near her home, she begins revealing herself to her grieving family in snatches and flashes.

It Might Get Loud
It’s impossible not to get caught up in the soul-deep rush that making music gives rock guitarists Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

Is Anybody There?
A retired magician, pining for the good old days, strikes up a friendship with a lonely 10-year-old.

In 1937, a German literature professor is commissioned by senior Nazi officials to draft a paper on the positives of euthanasia.

Genova (‘A Summer in Genoa’)
After his wife dies in a car accident, a university lecturer moves with his two daughters from Chicago to the Italian port city of Genoa.

Gomorrah (‘Gomorra’)
Director Matteo Garrone’s Mafioso drama hammers its point home with blunt-instrument force: in a battle that no one can win, killing is its own rationale.

The Escapist
Told in flashbacks, director Rupert Wyatt’s tricksy prison drama is a downer slice of kill-or-be-killed jail life.

A church school's principal becomes convinced the parish priest is inappropriately involved with a 12-year-old student.

After a Nazi massacre in Belarus in 1941, three brothers flee into a forest and spearhead a swelling community of displaced Jews.

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