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Time Addicts
Desperation and drugs make haunted bedfellows in a trailblazing, time-warping debut from writer-director Sam Odlum.

Dune: Part One
Killer looks only take the show so far in director Denis Villeneuve’s high-flown trip into not-so-deep space.

After awakening from an accident, a debilitated astronaut finds himself bunking down on the moon with a wildcard clone.

Star Trek
Visually, emotionally and for full-on nutty flair, this trip out is the whole futuristic package.

I Am Number Four
Teenage aliens! Small-town high school! Romance a-brewing between two really good-looking stars! Sure, it’s pop corny. But it’s also kind of crazy-cool.

Star Trek into Darkness
Life as the Starfleet knows it is threatened by a rogue agent.

Ender’s Game
Twelve-year-old computer-game brainbox Ender Wiggin is recruited to lead Earth’s International Fleet against an alien attack.

In a futuristic world, Judge Dredd is the hardest of all the hard-case law enforcers.

The sci-fi gut-slammer puts Matt Damon through the wringer, and he goes at it full tilt.

Cloud Atlas
A thumping great dazzler draped over a latticework of riddles.

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