Time Addicts

SCI-FI; 1hr 37min

STARRING: Freya Tingley, Charles Grounds, Joshua Morton

Boom: Grounds and Tingley

Desperation and drugs make haunted bedfellows for foul-mouthed space cadets Denise and Johnny (Tingley and Grounds), who, in a nakedly useless effort to square a debt to their unsavoury drug dealer (Morton as Kane), find themselves locked inside a derelict house with a loony. Just another dreadful day in downtown Melbourne for the best friends with zero benefits, not that we’re about to see much of that fair city with the ghostly wreck set on clinging to its secrets.


The duo’s mission — which they patently should never have chosen to accept — is to break into the house and nick a bag of crystal meth for Kane, who works out of a laundromat and looks like he could use one. Showing enterprise in the worst way, Johnny smokes the drug he’s supposed to be retrieving and in a development no sane person could see coming, is whisked back to 1995, much to Denise’s aggrieved dismay.


It’s safe to say that neither Denise nor her hare-brained bestie are contenders for any charisma awards, but that doesn’t mean they deserve the mind boggle that awaits them when they inadvertently meddle with the timeline. The maze they create will teach them potent truths about themselves that will rock both their and Kane’s miserable worlds. Like any learning curve, this process can be painful. On the upside, for everyone on board not warping their parameters with illegal stimulants, writer director Sam Odlum’s feature debut is a trailblazing blast from the past.