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Chalet Girl
A former skateboarding champ discovers snowboarding and a filthy-rich love interest at a luxe Austrian chalet. Hoo-rah!

The Change-Up
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are great, naughty-boy value, working quick smart from a quip-firing screenplay.

Certified Copy (‘Copie Conforme’)
Bruised yet vibrant, energised by longing, Juliette Binoche is a joy as she faces pain and dismay with her eyes wide open.

Cars 2
The intrigue is tricky, and little kids are likely to get lost, but the spanking-fresh action has it all going on.

To avenge the death of a friend, vigilantes force a music teacher to swallow a bottle of sedatives.

Brighton Rock
Sam Riley bravely reimagines Richard Attenborough’s iconic 1947 portrayal of a baby-faced killer.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Spoiler alert: a 90-pound weakling sprouts instant brawn, saves a bunch of lives, rights unspeakable wrongs and gets the girl.

The Beaver
Mel Gibson comes through with an impressive, self-obliterating performance.

Influential rock ’n’ roller Rowland S. Howard lived his truth through his musical statements.

The Ages of Love (‘Manuale d’Amore’)
Amore at three life stages is the gauzy focus of director Giovanni Veronese’s hammily playful escapade.

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