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Bank of Dave
The good guys are principled and real, the baddies are amoral snobs, and shades of grey need not apply.

As a super-deranged Count Dracula, the concept of too much is meat, drink and dessert to a Gothically embellished Nicolas Cage.

November (‘Novembre’)
Taking the pulse of a pointless war is a tonally unrelenting slog.

Infinity Pool
Leave it to a Cronenberg to turn a deluxe resort into a death-dealing cloner playground.

A Good Person
Every one of these characters is up to their necks in a mother lode of woe that makes perversely compelling viewing.

The Pope’s Exorcist
Russell Crowe is fabulous as exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth in director Julius Avery’s lurid horror show.

Author Emily Brontë gets a user-friendly romantic makeover.

White Noise
Dread of death is a bumpy ride in writer-director Noah Baumbach’s fast track to bedlam.

Stars at Noon
Claire Denis is a director to watch, but her hot young stars barely raise a smoulder.

Armageddon Time
Filmmaker James Gray looks back. Not always the sunniest experience.

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