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Author Emily Brontë gets a user-friendly romantic makeover.

White Noise
Dread of death is a bumpy ride in writer-director Noah Baumbach’s fast track to bedlam.

Stars at Noon
Claire Denis is a director to watch, but her hot young stars barely raise a smoulder.

Armageddon Time
Filmmaker James Gray looks back. Not always the sunniest experience.

A Taste of Hunger (‘Smagen af Sult’)
Blinkered desire is a bittersweet dish, no matter how prettily it’s plated.

Halloween Ends
There’s a strange majesty to the loopy closing minutes of Halloween’s last hurrah. Sit tight for that and for the fierce resistance of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Crimes of the Future
The morbidly unhinged is director David Cronenberg’s happy place.

Charlotte Rampling rules her New Zealand roost as a woman fighting for a final shot.

The Forgiven
The mills of God grind with relentless intent in an oppressive cautionary tale.

The Black Phone
Dismal basement? Yep! Serial killer with handy van? Yep! Apparitions with axes to grind? What do you think?

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