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The Favourite
Nakedly insecure, devoted to her 17 rabbits and largely wheelchair-bound, Queen Anne is a petulant, overgrown child.

It’s the women who take ownership of this moody show, both behind the camera and before it.

The Ideal Palace (‘L’Incroyable Histoire du Facteur Cheval’)
A love story that transcends words is reinforced year by year and stone by stone.

Creepingly slow to get going, writer-directors Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky’s sci-fi drama is a fable about the human fear of difference.

The Nightingale
Even though her seven-year sentence has been served, Irish convict Clare Carroll is punching bag and sexual prey in 19th-century Tasmania.

Dragged Across Concrete
After years of doing it tough, jaundiced detective Brett Ridgeman proposes that he and his partner become partners-in-crime by ambushing and robbing a dealer.

Marcello is a humble dog groomer who nurses a soft spot for canines giant and tiny along with a tidy sideline in cocaine supply.

Gamely revamping Shakespeare’s woe-soaked "Hamlet", director Claire McCarthy has updated its Ye Olde dialogue and monkeyed with its wrist-slitter plot.

An Unexpected Love (‘El Amor Menos Pensado’)
An empty nest can’t help but feel forlorn, even for those parents with vibrant lives outside it. Argentinian professionals Marcos and Ana fit that bill after their son leaves home.

Never Look Away (‘Werk Ohne Autor’)
Art as an antidote to abuse is the saving grace of Germany’s dark night in writer-director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s accounting of Nazism’s tainted legacy.

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