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Gamely revamping Shakespeare’s woe-soaked "Hamlet", director Claire McCarthy has updated its Ye Olde dialogue and monkeyed with its wrist-slitter plot.

An empty nest can’t help but feel forlorn, even for those parents with vibrant lives outside it. Argentinian professionals Marcos and Ana fit that bill after their son leaves home.

Art as an antidote to abuse is the saving grace of Germany’s dark night in writer-director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s accounting of Nazism’s tainted legacy.

Antonio and Paolo are engaged and elated, but wouldn’t you know it, there’s a catch: Antonio’s traditionalist parents don’t know he’s gay.

Joan Stanley’s story of means and ends opens in 2000 rural Britain, where an elderly Joan is arrested and charged by MI5 with treason, an accusation she vehemently denies.

After 30-some years together, Paraguayan grandes dames Chela and Chiquita have fallen on hard times, a contingency Chela bitterly resents.

If Spanish politics is a school of sharks, then regional vice-secretary Manuel “Manu” López Vidal is a great white. Forever in motion, packed with personality, he’s a masterly schemer in a sharp suit.

Parisian muso Sam sleeps through a zombie attack and wakes to find the City of Light plunged into existential darkness.

Small-town police officer Jim Arnaud powers through a firestorm of flayed emotions while paying tribute to his late mother. Overwhelmed by grief, he is awkward, scatty, tragic and ridiculous.

A fifty-plus, office-working, martini-sipping, music- and dance-loving divorced mother of two adult children, Gloria Bell isn’t afraid of flying solo. But then she meets fellow divorcé and former Marine Arnold.

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