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In the Fade ('Aus Dem Nichts')
A woman seeks revenge after the deaths of her husband and son in a Hamburg bomb attack.

On Body and Soul ('Teströl és Lélekröl')
As relationships go, Endre and Mária’s is as up against it as any partnership could possibly be: he’s the financial director of an abattoir, she’s its younger and patently strange quality inspector.

Lean on Pete
Lean on Pete is a five-year-old chestnut quarter horse with movie-star eyes that fit the bill since he moseys off with every scene he’s in.

Journey’s End
The rat-infested trenches of Northern France are no place for a boy in the spring of 1918. But that’s where Second Lieutenant Raleigh naively requests to be sent.

Ghost Stories
Professor Philip Goodman is a self-satisfied TV debunker of all things “superstitious.” But he’s ripe for a rude awakening when tasked by a fellow non-believer to explain away three examples of the inexplicable.

1% ('Outlaws')
A copperhead is a venomous snake. It’s also the name of a gang of West Australian outlaw motorcycle riders—the 1 per cent who are a paradox of the deadly and the fiercely.

Languishing in a godforsaken, 18th-century South American colony, pining for his family and desperate beyond measure to be gone, magistrate Don Diego de Zama is in fact going precisely nowhere.

Custody (‘Jusqu’à la Garde’)
Writer-director Xavier Legrand’s confronting debut feature grabs the hot-potato topic of domestic violence and runs to the depths of hell with it.

All is manifestly not well on the manicured island of Jersey where tour-coach hostess Moll lives at home with her domineering, “best-friend” mother and her Alzheimer’s-afflicted father.

You Were Never Really Here
Joe’s mission is the rescue and retrieval of sex-trafficked girls who are invariably lost in many more ways than one; work that weighs as heavily as the harrowing personal memories he’s powerless against.

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