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Fashionista Iris Apfel's stylish ways are caught on up-close camera.

Muppets Most Wanted
It’s worth it for the froggy–Gervais interplay.

Men, Women & Children
Another caustic, cultural dig. Internet pron, anyone?

A Million Ways to Die in the West
Ted’s Seth MacFarlane takes a cowpoke turn.

The Maze Runner
For a gang of kids imprisoned in a gargantuan future maze, the only way up is out.

The Little Death
Everyone is chasing their tail for their moment of sweet release.

Maps to the Stars
A must-see for any mad-keen, Hollywood-headed actorly types. Proceed! With! Caution!

Angelina Jolie’s soaring warrior is pure-hearted but hardened by the betrayal of the man she loves.

Don Hany is magic as a damaged prisoner finding his measure of grace.

One for the blokes. Unless you’re a Sherman tank- and carnage-craving king of girl.

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