A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

DOCUMENTARY; 1hr 30min

DIRECTED BY: Chris Waitt

Watch this space: Waitt

Having been dumped by all his ex-girlfriends, Englishman Chris Waitt wants answers. A down-in-the-mouth sort, Chris has the bedraggled appeal of a stray dog — which obviously hasn’t got him very far, and at first gets him no further when he decides to make a candid doco about his romantic loserdom. Initially, all the girls refuse to bite. But thanks to Chris’s accommodating mum, they gradually begin to come around.


“It was just something that fizzled,” one poor woman says helplessly. (She was 11 at the time.) “You were a jerk,” another points out. The ladies are articulate and attractive. Chris is a consistent wet weekend, albeit a keenly honest one with a self-deprecating sense of the absurd, which he needs as his project takes an ever wackier and more unflattering shape. And somewhere between the dominatrix and the Viagra, its burning question changes from “What did Chris do wrong?” to “Can a shambolic man profoundly into his inadequacies ever find a woman who gets him?” Not to give the game away, but stranger things have happened.