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The white Australian at the centre of the Black Power salute at the 1968 Mexico Olympics.

Shine a Light
Shot over two nights and interspersed with clips from a God’s-gift archive, this is as close as anyone is ever likely to get to the Rolling Stones.

Sharks are “beautiful” and unfairly maligned, says documentary maker Rob Stewart — and he has experts and stats to back him up.

The King of Kong
The arcade video game Donkey Kong makes big-time rivals of its deeply serious players.

In the Shadow of the Moon
A wondrous doco revisits America’s moon landings through the astronauts’ wide eyes.

Nature documentarians are supremely patient and hardy individuals, eyeballing wild beasts in landscapes of perversely thrilling cruelty.

Celebrity: Dominick Dunne (‘Dominick Dunne: After the Party’)
His passion is justice, and this chatty, dapper man is as unsparing with his subjects as he is honest about himself.

For six Tibetan children on a Himalayan climbing expedition, every step is a victory.

Animals in Love
The mating rituals captured by film-maker Laurent Charbonnier are playful, surreal and intriguing.

American Teen
The senior years at Indiana’s Warsaw Community High are a textbook sociological case.

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