Mr. Right

ACTION; 1hr 35min

STARRING: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth

To right stuff: Rockwell and Kendrick

Suppose your ideal man was also a wanted hit man? That's the playful — really! — premise of director Paco Cabezas's Tarantino-tinged fun run, in which pocket rocket Martha (Kendrick) is swept off her wedges by a fast-talking stranger (Rockwell) who's even more nutty than she is. He could well be Martha's Mr Right, which is what he goes by since he's secretive about his name.


Small wonder. Given an upside-down conscience that now compels him to shoot the people who are trying to hire him, Mr Right doesn't come unencumbered. A roster of unsavoury sorts (Roth is front and centre) are dead keen to be shot of him, which fazes him not at all. He's also quite open with Martha: but if a guy you barely knew told you he'd just killed somebody, would you take him seriously? 


When Martha does, the plotting gear downshifts to an uphill battle between the force of attraction and immoderate, balletic violence. That's something of a rough ride but given Rothwell's quirk rating and Kendrick's gosh-darn cuteness, once you get a feel for its schizophrenic mood swings, their screwy courtship starts to make a perverse kind of sense.