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The Gunman
A former Congo mercenary is the target of a hit squad.

The Intern
Robert De Niro plays nice as Anne Hathaway’s senior intern at a top-velocity fashion site.

In the Heart of the Sea
The story is monumental: the 1820 sinking by an unforgiving sperm whale of an American whaling ship.

In which an alien and Rihanna have a surprising amount in common…

Hollywood gets a winking treatment and Ari Gold blows a fuse. Or three.

The Good Dinosaur
A cowardly Apatosaurus comes into his own, Pixar-style. Eminently PC.

He Named Me Malala
What’s left to say about Taliban target Malala Yousafzal but You Go, Girl!

Irrational Man
Woody Allen ponders ethical questions when a misguided man takes radical action.

Man Up
Blind dating in your thirties is never going to be a moonlit stroll on Couples’ Bliss Beach.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
Tempted to abduct a beer baron? Don’t!

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