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Boss Level
A blazing salute to the addictive kick of gaming lays on the cut-and-thrust at top velocity.

On the run in New York with every hitman in creation on his tail, JW needs the skills of a samurai, the reflexes of a striking snake, the speed and stealth of a wolf, a hide of pig iron and a perfectly tailored suit.

After a deep-sea rescue mission in the Philippine Trench goes Horribly Wrong, Jonas Taylor vows not to dive again. Five years later, when another six-miles-under mission is KO’d , Jonas is coaxed back into the depths.

It’s on for the relatively young and old in the sixth M.I. go-round, with Tom Cruise back on deck, Henry Cavill joining the ranks as an agenda-heavy CIA agent and Christopher McQuarrie taking the reins once more.

Primatologist David Okoye shares an extra-special bond with George, a fiercely intelligent gorilla with a giant heart. But their bromance goes south when a canister of weaponised DNA lands in George’s leafy domain.