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Cowboys & Aliens
It’s as crazy as a jar of bedbugs, but the mishmash takes shape as an almighty fight to the finish.

Fast & Furious 5
Director Justin Lin ratchets up the heat with a cast of lookers, a few easy laughs and freewheeling, blow-your-socks-off stunt work.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Spoiler alert: a 90-pound weakling sprouts instant brawn, saves a bunch of lives, rights unspeakable wrongs and gets the girl.

13 Assassins (‘Jûsan-nin No Shikaku’)
The operatic closing confrontation is full-bore balletic slaughter.

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol
What is Tom Cruise doing scaling that dizzying building like a chiselled fly?

Attack the Block
When a London housing estate is invaded by warmongering aliens, the sole line of defence is a gang of teenage hooligans.

X-Men: First Class
The body-morphing, shape-shifting, fire-starting effects are phenomenal.

A veteran engineer and a rookie conductor race stop a runaway freight train carrying an explosive cargo.

A crack team of cave-exploring divers are 200 metres down when disaster begins to strike.

Pacific Rim
The future of humanity hanging by a thread after monsters bursti from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

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