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November (‘Novembre’)
Taking the pulse of a pointless war is a tonally unrelenting slog.

Stars at Noon
Claire Denis is a director to watch, but her hot young stars barely raise a smoulder.

Framed by the Russian Federal Security Service, a cornered French executive makes a run for his life.

Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth do their incendiary damnedest with the complexities of psychological collapse.

Tell No One (‘Ne Le Dis à Personne’)
A doctor’s supposedly dead wife suddenly turns up on his home computer.

Red Road
A broken woman finds strange absolution through sad and risky extremes.

Guns blaze and heads roll in a hyper thriller.

A former US Army explosives expert goes on the run after being linked to a terrorist group.

Street Kings
Keanu Reeves and a mouthy, fiery cast take corruption to the outer limits.

Eagle Eye
Two strangers find their lives thrown together by an unknown woman who is aware of every move they make.

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