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Director Rowan Athale’s thriller peaks with a showdown so tensely wound I was yelling at the screen.

The original dragon-tattooed girl, Noomi Rapace has a softer look these days, less angular and enraged, and without statement-making ink. But she has by no means lost her mojo.

If Spanish politics is a school of sharks, then regional vice-secretary Manuel “Manu” López Vidal is a great white. Forever in motion, packed with personality, he’s a masterly schemer in a sharp suit.

Lee Jongsu, a country boy drifting through life alone as a delivery man, is out of his depth from day one when he re-connects with the mercurial Haemi from his schooldays.

Lewis is a smarmy sybarite who plays women as sexual chess pieces with his housemate Kenny as his gormless second banana. When their paths cross with fractured party girl Sarah, they’re all headed straight to hell.

All is manifestly not well on the manicured island of Jersey where tour-coach hostess Moll lives at home with her domineering, “best-friend” mother and her Alzheimer’s-afflicted father.

Whatever you may expect from the disaster zone of a zombie movie, the Australian Outback as a setting for one is probably not on your list.

Being committed to a psychiatric facility against your will is enough to hang bats in anyone’s belfry. Times that by six figures when you discover that your long-term stalker is working there as a nurse.

Brutally sidelined for life by her Bolshoi Ballet dance partner, prima ballerina Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence, working a Russian accent) is financially vulnerable.