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A former US Army explosives expert goes on the run after being linked to a terrorist group.

Street Kings
Keanu Reeves and a mouthy, fiery cast take corruption to the outer limits.

Eagle Eye
Two strangers find their lives thrown together by an unknown woman who is aware of every move they make.

Body of Lies
Two diametrically different men must work together to hunt down a prime-target terrorist.

In a performance of unerring gravity and restraint, Tom Cruise is Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who spearheads a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

The International
An Interpol agent and a New York prosecutor suspect an international bank of being involved in arms dealing.

Coffin Rock
The real horror implicit here is the inexorable pull of action and reaction when good people’s lives go unfathomably bad.

The Taking of Pelham 123
A hardboiled foursome take control of a New York subway train and demand a $10 million ransom within one hour.

State of Play
Adapted from the 2003 BBC miniseries, director Kevin Macdonald’s political thriller is a cool-headed, crafty, unguessable jigsaw.

Red Hill
When an industrious constable reports for his first day at Red Hill police station, he has no idea of the mess that is set to embroil him.

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