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To avenge the death of a friend, vigilantes force a music teacher to swallow a bottle of sedatives.

The Adjustment Bureau
An impish ballet dancer brings out the freethinking best in a New York congressman, but mysterious forces keep them apart.

Love Crime (‘Crime d’Amour’)
Director Alain Corneau sets the intrigue at a slow boil that heats to a shocking and inexplicable twist.

A scientist awakens from a four-day coma to find that his identity — and his wife — has been taken by another man.

Don’t judge her by her angelic face: 16-year-old Hanna is a trained assassin.

The Debt
A Mossad mission doesn’t go to plan, and 30 years later the now-retired agents are variously scarred by what happened.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist
A young Pakistani with a soaring Wall Street career becomes a victim of post-9/11 racial paranoia.

The Company You Keep
A former Weather Underground activist is outed by a newspaper reporter.

The Call
A Los Angeles 911 operator desperately tries to save a teenage girl who has been snatched in a shopping-centre car park.

A down-and-dirty thriller that keeps on getting dirtier.

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