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Cut Snake
Nobody in his orbit is spared when a young man’s misspent past returns to haunt him.

Black Sea
If this sinking ship doesn’t nip your submarine career in the bud, nothing will.

One Eyed Girl
Life tip: if approached to join a secluded cult, it would be a wise idea to Just Say No.

Secret in Their Eyes
The past comes gunning for FBI counter-terrorism agents when a particularly personal murder refuses to stay cold.

A tensely constructed, fact-drawn thriller probes the tentacles of the US opioid trade.

The Gift
You will never look at a house-warming present left by a creepy loner in quite the same way...

Bridge of Spies
A Cold War drama from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks? Bring on the high-toned intrigue.

Super 8
Writer-director J.J. Abrams builds his alien actioner from diffuse menace to full-scale havoc with the no-problemo proficiency of a big-time storyteller.

Director Denis Villeneuve’s knife-edge attack on the Mexican drug trade is a blistering, death-dealing baptism of fire.

Money Monster
Cable-show host Lee Gates is a great gig for George Clooney, who gets stuck into it with the smug brio of a tabloid-media pro.

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