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Babylon A.D.
A mercenary accepts the tricky assignment of escorting a mysterious young girl and her minder from a Kazakhstan convent to New York.

I Am Legend
Will Smith does a great, robust job as a tragic-action hero.

It’s dark, it’s late and an unfathomable creature is hell-bent on laying waste to New York.

Terminator Salvation
Christian Bale is all heavyweight class as battle-hardened John Connor, leader-elect of the ravaged Resistance.

Eight strangers parachute into a jungle where they are hunted by butt-ugly alien creatures.

Film-maker Christopher Nolan’s conceptually remarkable Rubik’s cube is ultra-high-maintenance as it thunders along.

Tron: Legacy
The son of a long-vanished master computer-game creator discovers his father trapped in his digital world.

Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds is in tip-top shape as test pilot Hal Jordan, catapulted into the elite Green Lantern galactic peacekeeping corps.

What the crew of a scientific exploratory spaceship finds is horrific, terrifying and profound.

The Maze Runner
For a gang of kids imprisoned in a gargantuan future maze, the only way up is out.

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