Green Lantern

SCI-FI ACTION; 1hr 54min

STARRING: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard

Corps d’elite: Lively and Reynolds

A demonic creature is loose in deep space and the inter-galactic peacekeeping, ring-wearing Green Lantern Corps is in strife. Back on Earth, test pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds) is meanwhile having emotional, performance and getting-fired issues. Hal’s life is about to get a whopping makeover, however, when he is catapulted into the elite Lantern ranks. Which is kind of ironic, since Hal isn’t exactly the responsible sort and a mind-blowing experience all round. One minute he’s canoodling with his (ex) boss’s sexy daughter (Lively as Carol Ferris), the next he’s been teleported to God-knows-where, poured into an electric-green onesie and is being lectured on the finer points of willpower by what looks to be a giant fish. His feelings about this are understandably mixed.


Reynolds is in tip-top shape, as is the look of this whiz-bang bonbon from director Martin Campbell — barring Sarsgaard as the afflicted Dr Hector Hammond, that is — whose trippy special effects are the usual bag of techno tricks but whose message of harnessing conviction is, as Hal Jordan would say, only human. Or at least as human as DC Comics is capable of making it.