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Up in the Air
A professional hatchet man who flies around the US firing people finds his frequent-flier lifestyle threatened.

Young Adult
You can’t take your eyes off Charlize Theron as a selfish, snappy, contemptuous, going-nowhere writer of Young Adult fiction.

Men, Women & Children
Another caustic, cultural dig. Internet pron, anyone?

Labor Day
Love is a minefield in a drama of strange beginnings and poignant ends.

Love it (and Ellen Page) as much for the sardonic wisecracks as for the tender heart that beats beneath them.

The Front Runner
In 1988, 46-year-old US Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart is on top of his political world, a golden boy whom nobody can tarnish. Until he does the job himself.

The particular genius of Charlize Theron is an onscreen relatability boosted by a total lack of vanity.