The 11th Hour

DOCUMENTARY; 1hr 31min

DIRECTED BY: Leila Conners & Nadia Conners

SOS: DiCaprio

Unfortunately for The 11th Hour, the collapse of Earth’s ecosystem is a scary premise already covered so memorably by Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Yet according to a bevy of 11th’s featured experts, the news is not all woe and oh no, for although we labour under the selfish misapprehension that we are somehow separate from the nature we greedily exploit, human beings are still impressively enabled.


But as if we didn’t already know it, are we ever screwing up. And global climate change is just one terrible offshoot of the profligate folly of our fossil-fuel usage: Earth is also facing what narrator, producer and co-writer Leonardo DiCaprio nimbly labels “a convergence of crises,” with not one living system being stable.


If noble intentions were only enough! The damning stats come at you with rat-tat-tat velocity, and while no one would deny that knowledge is power, information overload will never mend what is broken.