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Tell No One (‘Ne Le Dis à Personne’)
A doctor’s supposedly dead wife suddenly turns up on his home computer.

Twice Upon a Time (‘Désaccord Parfait’)
Charlotte Rampling is cut-glass class as a touchy actress finding her way back to romance.

I Served the King of England (‘Obsluhoval Jsem Anglického Krále’)
Czech film-maker Jiří Menzel’s oddity about an ambitious waiter is a piquant acquired taste.

Day Watch (‘Dnevnoy Dozor’)
Could any creature be more intense and depressing than a Russian vampire on the prowl?

The White Planet (‘La Planète Blanche’)
The North Pole has never looked more gorgeous than it does in an intimate, awestruck French documentary.

Rescue Dawn
A US Navy pilot survives the seemingly impossible in a fact-based Vietnam drama.

Red Road
A broken woman finds strange absolution through sad and risky extremes.

India casts a dotty, seductive spell over a shell-shocked American office worker on assignment.

Steve Buscemi is all too easy to believe as a sleazy-weasel paparazzi.

Coeurs (‘Private Fears in Public Places’)
It’s French for hearts, and do they ever lay them bare in a cerebral drama.

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