COMIC DRAMA; 1hr 43min

STARRING: Josh Hamilton, Ayeshar Dharker, Asif Basra

Go with the flow: Hamilton

When the customer call centre of a Seattle-based knick-knack company is outsourced to India, West meets wacky head-on. Despatched to train his replacement (Basra), office manager Todd Anderson (Hamilton, glumly au naturel ) dives feet-first into serious culture shock. Known universally to Indian locals as Mr Toad, Todd is hardly the most relaxed and accepting of men, and the genial riot of chaos that awaits him in India isn’t designed for reassurance. If he is to rally and lick his obliging staff into US-friendly shape, Todd needs to lighten up and embrace alternatives. And this vibrant whirl of a country is just the place to show him how.


The spicy lure of India is also why film-maker John Jeffcoat’s wry little quirkfest works as well as it does, for who could resist the happy, wholesale kookiness of a continent high on life — along with the smiley gleam of office worker Asha (Dharker)? Not our Mr Toad, that’s for sure.