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Silent Night
Joel Kinnaman descends into full bore badassery in the feral heat of director John Woo’s wordless venge-fest.

Time Addicts
Desperation and drugs make haunted bedfellows in a trailblazing, time-warping debut from writer-director Sam Odlum.

The Royal Hotel
Like pickled eggs and breakfast schooners, the ethos of hard-core drinking tends to be an acquired taste.

Moving on is an act of will for an Iranian woman breaking free from domestic abuse.

The Crime Is Mine (‘Mon Crime’)
Murder is a fizzy dish for director François Ozon and his chicly energised cast.

Past Lives
The bittersweet reconnecting of childhood soulmates wraps an unrealised love story in unanswerable questions.

Director Matt Johnson’s nutty slice of tech history is a crack-up at the start. But nobody is laughing when the BlackBerry’s nuts and bolts come undone.

Gerwigland is a hectic pastel trip.

Sugar and Stars (‘À la Belle Etoile’)
If desserts are your favourite dish, this is one course you won’t want to miss.

Bank of Dave
The good guys are principled and real, the baddies are amoral snobs, and shades of grey need not apply.

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