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Shall We Kiss? (‘Un Baiser S’il Vous Plaît’)
Director Emmanuel Mouret explores the potential fallout when friends become lovers.

Katyn (‘Katyń’)
In 1940, at Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s command, close to 15,000 Polish prisoners-of-war are slaughtered in Poland’s Katyń forest.

The Fox and the Child
A 10-year-old girl forms a friendship with a fox she encounters in the woods near her home.

A flight attendant’s orderly life is thrown into chaos when she is landed with her deported cleaning lady’s six-year-old son.

Paranormal Activity
Concerned about a possible haunting, a couple set up a video camera in their bedroom to record what happens while they sleep.

Rocket Science
A fast-talking firecracker recruits a stuttering boy as her high-school debating partner.

Caramel (‘Sukkar Banat’)
Five Lebanese women work, worry and muddle through all sorts of setbacks with wry perseverance and each other for support.

2 Days in Paris
Actress Julie Delpy takes her first turn as a film-maker with the tart observation of an at-odds vacationing couple.

Death Proof
Beware a roving serial killer with a muscle car designed for a bang!

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
And only the devil himself could love these two errant, thieving, inept sons...

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