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This unassuming little number never pretends to be anything but a tra-la to grace under pressure.

Its cast is game for every genteel go-round, but the real rock stars are the costume, hair and production-design departments.

A mixed set of square pegs becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The verbal sparring in director Fernando Meirelles's comic drama is sharp, fast, unguarded and downright playful at times.

Director Mirrah Foulkes’s tall tale may play like a backwoods Brothers Grimm, but its witch’s brew of betrayal and payback is a bitter, timeless blend.

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson’s honest, intelligent performances inhabit the paradoxes of learning to let go.

Central to director Paul Downs Colaizzo’s reality-inspired and roundly heartfelt first feature is the pulling power of its leading lady.

Director Gurinder Chadha’s comic drama is a love letter to the grass-roots reach of evergreen rock ’n’ roll.

Jennifer Lopez’s sexy, sassy pole dancer could charm the scales off a cobra.

Director Sophie Hyde's keen take on the clashing paradoxes of woman and sister-hood is tender, awkward, confronting and illuminating.

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