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What We Did on Our Holiday
We guarantee you’re never going to guess.

A cruisey thumbs-up to the triumph of misfits rising.

Small Apartments
Bizarre — repeat, bizarre — life and death in a Los Angeles apartment complex.

Lucky Them
Toni Collette does hard-bitten music journo better than the real thing. (Which isn’t saying a lot.)

The Bélier Family (‘La Famille Bélier’)
The hearing-enabled daughter of a deaf French family finds her voice. Tra la!

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Teenage cancer gets a quirky, inventive, caring, witty, intelligent and moving treatment.

Infinitely Polar Bear
Mark Ruffalo softens the edges of a depressed dad.

Love it (and Ellen Page) as much for the sardonic wisecracks as for the tender heart that beats beneath them.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller kill it in a five-star kitchen. Actors! What can't they do?

The Intouchables
Bracing and laugh-aloud funny, co-directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano's tailor-made marriage of opposites is uplifting but never sanctimonious.

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