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I Served the King of England (‘Obsluhoval Jsem Anglického Krále’)
Czech film-maker Jiří Menzel’s oddity about an ambitious waiter is a piquant acquired taste.

Keri Russell bakes a mean sweet and savoury pie in a Southern-style romantic comedy.

India casts a dotty, seductive spell over a shell-shocked American office worker on assignment.

Licorice Pizza
Heading back to the San Fernando Valley, a mellow Paul Thomas Anderson hangs loose with retro fun and games.

Delicious (‘Délicieux’)
A fictional filmic spin on France’s first restaurant makes for a très sweet soufflé.

The Duke
Thievery and courtroom theatrics rule the roost when a British senior cit stands up for his self-perceived rights.

Steve Buscemi is all too easy to believe as a sleazy-weasel paparazzi.

Conversations with My Gardener (‘Dialogue avec Mon Jardinier’)
An artist redefines life by bonding with his groundskeeper. (Think Lady Chatterley minus sex.)

You, the Living (‘Du Levande’)
The stark, dreary interiors and frustrated and woebegone individuals certainly spotlight discontent.

Then She Found Me
When a schoolteacher’s adoptive mother dies, her biological mother — a buzzy butterball TV-show host — suddenly shows up.

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