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How to Be a Good Wife (‘La Bonne Épouse’)

With her tart-sweet worldview and keen sense of the ridiculous, filmmaker Miranda July spins straw into tender threads of gold.

When Bill Murray’s rumpled, beloved mug first appears, the gears truly begin to click.

Investing in the characters is everything when an ensemble is running the show, and there are a lot of them to invest in.

Cate Blanchett has her fingers on the pulse as a lost woman who rediscovers her creativity and her corresponding self-love

This unassuming little number never pretends to be anything but a tra-la to grace under pressure.

Its cast is game for every genteel go-round, but the real rock stars are the costume, hair and production-design departments.

A mixed set of square pegs becomes a force to be reckoned with.

The verbal sparring in director Fernando Meirelles's comic drama is sharp, fast, unguarded and downright playful at times.

Director Mirrah Foulkes’s tall tale may play like a backwoods Brothers Grimm, but its witch’s brew of betrayal and payback is a bitter, timeless blend.

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