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Inspired by an actual teacher, film-maker Christopher Zalla’s blast of sunshine leans heavily on earnest overdrive.

La Chimera
The Crown’s Josh O’Connor plunders Italian tombs with droopy British intent as a bereft archaeologist.

The Nature of Love (‘Simple Comme Sylvain’)
The contradictions of attraction are a sexy, cerebral ride.

Fallen Leaves (‘Kuolleet Lehdet’)
The drabness of low-rung lives is sautéed reindeer and mashed potatoes to Finnish film-maker Aki Kaurismäki.

Coup de Chance
A stylish cast puts hanky-panky through its paces with a lightness of touch that spells Monsieur Woody Allen in any language.

The Holdovers
Paul Giamatti is a bristly gift as a pariah who learns to open his heart.

Poor Things
The latest tall tale from director Yorgos Lanthimos is myriad shades of fantastic.

Dream Scenario
Until unreality catches up with him, Nicolas Cage sinks into self-effacement like a squelch into mud.

The Crime Is Mine (‘Mon Crime’)
Murder is a fizzy dish for director François Ozon and his chicly energised cast.

Everybody Loves Jeanne (‘Tout le Monde Aime Jeanne’)
A depressed French woman plays duelling banjos with her batty yet strikingly stylised thoughts.

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