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X-Men: First Class
The body-morphing, shape-shifting, fire-starting effects are phenomenal.

Win Win
Paul Giamatti’s rumpled twitchiness shines in intimate scenarios, and they don’t come a lot more intimate than this slice of suburban life.

The Women on the 6th Floor (‘Les Femmes du 6e  Étage’)
A Parisian couple's eyes are opened wide by a group of Spanish maids who live in the floor above them.

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Tilda Swinton is brilliant as the conflicted mother of teenage boy who massacres his schoolmates.

A scientist awakens from a four-day coma to find that his identity — and his wife — has been taken by another man.

True Grit
A precocious 14-year-old hires a gnarly US marshal to guide her through Indian Territory on her mission of vengeance.

A veteran engineer and a rookie conductor race stop a runaway freight train carrying an explosive cargo.

Waiting for “Superman”
The “crummy” standard of American public schools has documentarian Davis Guggenheim fired up.

The Disney elves have tweaked “Rapunzel” into an action-packed fairy story for our adrenalised age, but with its feet planted firmly in the past.

Take Shelter
When his terrifying dreams begin to bleed into waking visions only he can see, a young husband and father starts to question his sanity.

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