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To Chiara (‘A Chiara’)
The sunny mood snaps to black in part three of Jonas Carpignano’s Calabrian trilogy, when 15-year-old Chiara is forced to reckon with her future.

Petite Maman
The love between mother and daughter is a thread that unravels the restraints of time.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (‘Gûzen To Sôzô’)
Three short stories are a prism of self discovery from Drive My Car’s master of slow burn.

The Northman
Director Robert Eggers hot-stamps medieval suffering into a titanic work of art.

The Good Boss (‘El Buen Patrón’)
Javier Bardem is up to his eyeglasses in office politics as a slippery factory boss.

Farewell, Mr. Haffmann (‘Adieu Monsieur Haffmann’)
As the Nazis close in on Paris, three reluctant housemates fight their own catastrophic war.

Happening (‘L’Événement’)
Director Audrey Diwan’s award-winning abortion drama is whisper-quiet and carries a walloping stick.

Nobody Has to Know (‘L’Ombre d’un Mensonge’)
A lonely woman takes a midlife chance on love in a lovely, left-field romance.

Nowhere Special
A dying father seeks new parents for his four-year-old son. Tears will be shed.

Food porn gets a sick twist when a hot date goes off in a horror show with a fiendish sense of fun.

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