Eagle Eye

THRILLER; 1hr 58min

STARRING: Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan

Stranger danger: LaBeouf and Monagahan

Chicago photocopier-store worker Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) is a regular guy caught up in highly irregular circumstances. Single mother Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) is in a singular situation. Is there a pattern here? You’d better believe it. Both these strangers’ lives have spun out into lunacy: after an inexplicable phone call, he finds himself framed as a terrorist while she learns that her young son is in grave danger. To stay alive and out of FBI clutches (go, Billy Bob Thornton!), the two must follow the dialled-in instructions of an unknown woman who knows every move they make.


Originating from an idea by executive producer Steven Spielberg and directed for a sky-high adrenaline rush by Disturbia’s D.J. Caruso, Eagle Eye gives our omnipresent technology a whole new level of kick. As Jerry and Rachel run for it, working a car chase and brandishing guns with white-knuckled flair, the reach of their diabolical cyber tormentor goes viral. Believe in demon-seed computers or not, this is a hyper-psyched rumble.