Stone Bros.

COMEDY; 1hr 30min

STARRING: Luke Carroll, Leon Burchill

Making tracks: from left, Carroll and Burchill

Eddie (Carroll) and Charlie (Burchill) are cousins but they could have come from different planets. Eddie is a clean-cut would-be good boy while Charlie is a stoner imp with a flyaway ’fro and a rascally aura. He is also the kind of guy who knows how to have a blast and the ideal sidekick for a road trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie for a rediscovery of the pair’s indigenous roots.


The Bros do have two things in common: they’re city boys to their boots and they dearly love a smoke. Hence the movie’s title. And hence the kind of misadventures that only seem to happen when you’re routinely whacked out of your head — like the picking up of oddball passengers, a spell in a jail cell and an explosive wedding. Good times! 


Writer-director Richard Frankland’s screenplay keeps its zany sense of humour even when the boys fall out, which you know they have to do in order to be reconciled with newfound wisdom and respect, ta-da. What the hey: maybe you can go home again.