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With the US virally overwhelmed by rampaging flesh-eaters, two outcasts head across country in search of escape.

Two astronauts awaken after years of hyper-sleep to find themselves in a blacked-out spaceship haunted by something frightful.

Whip It
A small-town Texas misfit is hooked on the slam-bam adrenaline of roller derby in all its freewheeling glory.

Whatever Works
As an abrasive New York academic, Larry David is yet another gnarly angle in Woody Allen’s jigsaw of endless self-exploration.

When he takes on a disaster flick, director Roland Emmerich goes all out, keeping the CGI destruction in over-the-top motion.

12 Rounds
With pro wrestler John Cena toughing it out, the hardboiled corn churns beefily along with barely a pause for breath.

The Time Traveler’s Wife
Eric Bana plays show-and-tell as a librarian who journeys randomly through time.

Terminator Salvation
Christian Bale is all heavyweight class as battle-hardened John Connor, leader-elect of the ravaged Resistance.

A detective is convinced that a teenager with a murderous history is certain to kill again.

Taking Woodstock
Conjuring the magic of 1969’s Woodstock Music and Art Fair takes inventiveness, serendipity and a splash of desperation.

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