Paper Heart

DOCUDRAMA; 1hr 28min

STARRING: Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, Jake Johnson

Making music: Yi and Cera

Charlyne Yi is an instantly endearing comedian and musician with a thing about love. The thing is, she doesn’t believe in it — but she’s curious. So with her friend, director and co-writer Nick Jasenovic (played in the film by Johnson), she sets off on an exploratory voyage that takes her hither and yon — Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Vegas, Oklahoma City, New York and five other points in between — and puts her face to face with all sorts of interview subjects. Yi turns her smiley, helium-voiced charm on bikers, seniors, Las Vegas ministers, divorcees and children, among others, all of whom have something to say about what love is and how it works-or doesn’t.


Meanwhile, Charlyne meets actor Michael Cera (as himself) at a party and in a gawky fictional subplot, they take a shine to each other. Has Charlyne the cynic finally found love? With puppet segments to sweeten the deal, the twin narrative components hang together in a contrivedly casual way that is its own goofy charm, especially when it takes chances with a fairytale script.