Drag Me to Hell

HORROR; 1hr 39min

STARRING: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver

Playing dirty: Lohman

Christine Brown (Lohman) is a fundamentally decent girl with a doting professor boyfriend (Long), doing her best in her loan officer’s job at a Los Angeles bank. But since Christine Brown is the star of a Sam Raimi horror film, when she politely refuses an extension on the home repayments of an oddball old lady (Raver, and boy is she ever), she immediately becomes the victim of a horrible curse.


Christine is in a monstrous pickle: an attack in her car by the enraged crone is just step one in her descent into a netherworld of gross-out haunting. She may be victim of a mythological demon but she isn’t going down without a hellacious fight. And who better to stage it for her than Spider-Man supremo Raimi in a wacky, scary avalanche of high-grade hideousness?

The Hell curse is a killer but Lohman (Beowulf) has too much going for her to simply be a scream queen. She brings a cerebral edge to the supernatural chills, and watching her sweat them out is a wickedly twisted blast.