HORROR; 1hr 39min

STARRING: Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Liam Hemsworth

Cargo cult: George

With its intentionally glary lighting, Triangle doesn’t give the initial impression of a psych-horror story. There are two big hints, though: the ominous score and George’s strung-out state as Jess, the single mother of a young autistic son. Jess is jittery and depressed even before a sailing trip on the Florida (but really Queensland) coast spins into disaster when an electrical storm blows up out of nowhere. With their yacht, the Triangle, capsized, Jess and her friends Greg (Dorman), Sally (Rachael Carpani), Downey (Henry Nixon) and Victor (Hemsworth) are rescued by a colossal ocean liner. But when they board, they find the dimly lit vessel deserted. Is this a ghost ship? Why does Jess feel such pressing déjà vu? And why are the American accents so strained?


English writer-director Christopher Smith spins wheels within numerous wheels with weird dexterity: as fast as you’ve got a grip on one deranged development, another angle snaps open. Triangle is a Rubik’s cube of craziness, its cold black logic too tricky to easily figure and too confounding not to try.