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Cowboys & Aliens
It’s as crazy as a jar of bedbugs, but the mishmash takes shape as an almighty fight to the finish.

Dolphin Tale
An unhappy 11-year-old boy’s bonding with a dolphin is a small miracle of healing for them both.

Fast & Furious 5
Director Justin Lin ratchets up the heat with a cast of lookers, a few easy laughs and freewheeling, blow-your-socks-off stunt work.

The Eye of the Storm
A dying socialite drifts through a mental melding of past and present.

Chalet Girl
A former skateboarding champ discovers snowboarding and a filthy-rich love interest at a luxe Austrian chalet. Hoo-rah!

The Change-Up
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are great, naughty-boy value, working quick smart from a quip-firing screenplay.

Cars 2
The intrigue is tricky, and little kids are likely to get lost, but the spanking-fresh action has it all going on.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Spoiler alert: a 90-pound weakling sprouts instant brawn, saves a bunch of lives, rights unspeakable wrongs and gets the girl.

The Beaver
Mel Gibson comes through with an impressive, self-obliterating performance.

Influential rock ’n’ roller Rowland S. Howard lived his truth through his musical statements.

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