Chalet Girl


STARRING: Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields

Snow bunnies: Westwick and Jones

The high-flying career of 19-year-old British skateboarding champion Kim Matthews (Jones) has skidded to a crashing stop after her mum’s road-accident death. And when, having nothing more fulfilling to do, she lucks into a dead-posh catering-hostessing job at a luxe Austrian chalet, plain-speaking Kim rapidly discovers that tending to the filthy rich (Nighy and Shields are two of them) is an art form in itself. Luckily, being a fast learner, she also discovers snowboarding and a filthy-rich love interest (Gossip Girls’ Westwick as Jonny). Hoo-rah!


If Chalet Girl ’s workmanlike bounce doesn’t inspire you to high-tail it to your nearest ski field, then you’ve forgotten — or you never knew — how to have five-star fun. There’s not a single surprise to be had with its Girls Meets-Loses-Regains Boy routine but some movies exist simply to radiate sunshine. And besides, knowing how a fairy tale ends doesn’t make the telling of it any less of a joy.