Life in a Day

DOCUMENTARY; 1hr 35min

DIRECTED BY: Kevin Macdonald

Leap of faith: above Earth, July 24, 2010

On July 24, 2010, from midnight to midnight, YouTubers in 192 countries filmed themselves in response to a collaborative spark between executive-producing brothers Ridley and Tony Scott, YouTube and One Day In September director Kevin Macdonald, who shaped the 4,500-plus hours of material into a fusion of experience. Across the world, in increments, people of every age, stage and circumstance are seen getting on with their lives, their snapshots spanning the mundane, exotic, peculiar, poetic and the sharply, unexpectedly sad.


In essence, Macdonald has orchestrated a symphony of the everyday, touching deftly on universal and elemental truths: of birth, bereavement, poverty, frailty, brutality, the beauty of simplicity, the bonds of family and the many faces of love. For the viewer, the voyeuristic buzz is like secretly scoping out your neighbours, except that this time round, your kaleidoscopic neighbourhood is the entire planet.