Not Suitable for Children


STARRING: Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook, Ryan Corr

Family guy: Kwanten and Snook

What a drag to be forced to confront your mortality when you’re still in your twenties, having what should be the funnest time ever ! It’s a downer, all right, but that’s where Jonah Reid (Kwanten) finds himself when he’s diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since his sperm is unable to be frozen, virtually overnight the dedicated Sydney party-thrower is a forlorn wannabe dad with a four-week window of conception. Finding a willing woman proves no easy task, however, Jonah being about as stable as a spinning top. Housemates Stevie (Snook) and Gus (Corr) also have their doubts — who wouldn’t? — even though bright, attractive, pragmatic Stevie is a patently obvious candidate…


Director Peter Templeman plainly gets his totally relatable, smartly cast characters — and because he cares, we do, too. Not Suitable for Children is no slickly crafted, production-line puff piece: when it’s up, it’s a boisterous high, but the turns it takes are unexpected, the hoops Jonah jumps through are urgent and authentic and the caring tone is never flip.