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Hannah Arendt
The German-Jewish philosopher, Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann and “the banality of evil.”

The Broken Circle Breakdown
Love, loss, bluegrass and the best tatts!

Ernest & Celestine
A bear and a mouse / Decide to setup house / When trouble this brings / Their furry bond has wings!

A Saudi girl takes a daring stride towards liberation.

Small Apartments
Bizarre — repeat, bizarre — life and death in a Los Angeles apartment complex.

Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes bring James Bond home with all his girls, gizmos and go-go-go components accounted for.

Searching for Sugar Man
Unknown even to himself, 1970s American singer-songwriter turned construction worker Rodriguez became a mythic star in South Africa.

The Master
The knowing twinkle of Philip Seymour Hoffman, as a cult leader, is paired with the brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix as an alcoholic wild card.

Moral arrogance pushes a New York hedge-fund tycoon perilously close to the edge.

A twisty head-scratcher set in a creepy future in which time travel is the exclusive property of the Mob.

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