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Thanks for Sharing
For three sex-addicted New Yorkers, every chance encounter is a potential sobriety disaster.

Stories We Tell
Film-maker Sarah Polley turns a self-absorbed gaze on her family and, through them, on her own secret history.

The Turning
Each character in the 18 short films that make up this drama is yearning for something, be it freedom, release, understanding or a sense of rightness.

Spring Breakers
Don’t be misled by the ditsy movie poster: writer-director Harmony Korine’s ironic take on depravity is arty and dark.

Song for Marion (‘Unfinished Song’)
Each piece of this emotive mosaic is lo-fi and fuss-free, but nor is it fusty or dull.

Silence in the House of God: Mea Maxima Culpa
Film-maker Alex Gibney’s exposé of paedophile priests traces a collusion of secrecy from Wisconsin to the Vatican.

Satellite Boy
Lost in the Australian Outback, a 10-year-old calls on the survival skills his grandfather taught him.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist
A young Pakistani with a soaring Wall Street career becomes a victim of post-9/11 racial paranoia.

A small-time Naples fishmonger gets bitten big time by the Big Brother TV bug.

An 11-year-old clairvoyant confronts an invasion of witch-cursed zombies.

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