Turkey Shoot

ACTION; 1hr 30min

STARRING: Dominic Purcell, Viva Bianca

Performing SEALs: Bianca and Purcell

Fallen US Navy SEAL Rick Tyler (a hardcore Purcell), unjustly court-martialled for a massacre of women and children that he can’t recall and now languishing in a military prison, isn’t keen on becoming Turkey 177 in the world’s most successful live-TV game show. Why would he be? Shot in real time, the seriously twisted Turkey Shoot — “IT’S LIVE. WITH DEATH.” — features actual criminals fighting to survive against outrageous odds. But since he’s clearly an ideal contender and choice is no longer a factor in his life, Rick is dropped barefoot into dense jungle bristling with four would-be assassins.


Welcome to The Hunger Games on a truckload of steroids. A slickly packaged, full-on reimagining of Brian Trenchard-Smith’s 1982 Turkey template, Turkey Shoot is co-written by director Jon Hewitt and his wife, Belinda McClorey, who also appears as the TV show’s cold-blooded executive producer. Its politically rotten and culturally scathing dice with multiple deaths is as feral as a bared set of fangs and probably wouldn’t pass muster with any morality police. But what a dynamite recipe for a master blast.