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The Duke
Thievery and courtroom theatrics rule the roost when a British senior cit stands up for his self-perceived rights.

The Greenhouse
The spectres of the past take possession of the present in a supernatural drama with a skin-crawling cautionary kick.

Film-maker Julia Ducournau’s deconstruction of torment thumbs its shattered nose at cut-and-paste franchises in a mash-up of fantasy and ferocity.

Blue Bayou
His cry of outrage is a heavy reckoning but writer-director-star Justin Chon delivers sincerity in spaces.

No Time to Die
Daniel Craig’s no-BS Bond rocks steel-tipped purpose like a bespoke tux.

Rosa’s Wedding (‘La Boda de Rosa’)
It’s on for young and old in sunny Spain when a submissive seamstress finally asserts herself.

Nia DaCosta’s schmick sequel is coolly self-aware and as charged as an electrical storm.

The God Committee
A donor heart is an ethical hot potato in a push–pull of clashing agendas.

The gulf between appearance and reality is the central paradox of a punchy Australian onion peeler.

The Devil’s Double
Dominic Cooper is sensational in the double role of Saddam Hussein’s frenzied son Uday and his reluctant look-alike, Latif Yahia.

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