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Framed by the Russian Federal Security Service, a cornered French executive makes a run for his life.

Full Time (‘À Plein Temps’)
It’s crunch time on steroids for a stressed-out hotel staffer with a To Do list that never stops.

Haute Couture
Style meets substance when a transformative friendship takes shape in a Paris atelier. Dramas and Dior. Could anything be more French?

Gérard Depardieu brings the weight of the world to Inspector Maigret’s veteran shoulders in a murder mystery shrouded in blue.

The Innocents (‘De Uskyldige’)
Telekinesis takes a lethal turn when four children play games with the unknown.

Sold Out
A singer-songwriter takes a chance on success in a road trip peppered with surprises.

Writer-director Apitchatpong Weerasethakul spins riddles, question marks and a fantastical final vision into a creeping, cerebral trip.

The Duke
Thievery and courtroom theatrics rule the roost when a British senior cit stands up for his self-perceived rights.

The Greenhouse
The spectres of the past take possession of the present in a supernatural drama with a skin-crawling cautionary kick.

Film-maker Julia Ducournau’s deconstruction of torment thumbs its shattered nose at cut-and-paste franchises in a mash-up of fantasy and ferocity.

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