Jurassic World

ACTION; 2hr 4min

STARRING: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson

T-wrecks: Pratt and Howard

Any entertainment-industry pro is well aware that easily jaded consumers are always greedy for More. When we’re talking the dinosaur theme park Jurassic World, 22 years and two slip-sliding sequels down the Jurassic Park track, that More translates to the humungous, prodigiously fanged and psychotically unfriendly hybrid dino, Indominus rex.


The rampantly unsocialised Indominus has been bred in solitary splendour on Costa Rica’s Isla Nublar, which the megaplex park calls home, to up the awesomeness ante for its thrill-seeking guests. You’d think the genetic string-pullers responsible would be running a mile from dicking with the always tricky Mother Nature for fun and profit by this late stage in the deadly game, but oh no, and wouldn’t you know, blunderbuss Indominus crashes her coop and all sorts of fearsome prehistoric hell breaks loose, purposefully generated by director Colin Trevorrow.


Urgently attempting mass beastie containment are Type-A park operations manager Claire (Howard) and strapping velociraptor handler Owen (Pratt). Missing in the mêlée are Claire’s visiting nephews (Simpkins and Robinson). The human cast is just fine — engaged yet never cheesy — but there’s never a second of doubt who collectively owns this full-force, phenomenally engineered CGI show.