Where to Invade Next

DOCUMENTARY; 1hr 59min

DIRECTED BY: Michael Moore

More is Moore: Michael invades

Firebrand Michael Moore (Bowling for ColumbineFahrenheit 9/11) knows damned well what the US government is doing wrong. (Big Hint: a lot.) With Where to Invade Next, the bearish advocate takes a more positive tack, trawling the globe to see what other countries are getting right that Americans have forgotten about in the everyday grind of push-and-grab.


First stop is Italy, haven of paid holidays, long, happy lives and mucho sex (lucky them). Then France, where a primary-school café is an instructive gourmet experience. And the bouncy, US flag–planting, idea-stealing beat goes on, through Finland (no homework yet top academic results), Slovenia (free university education), Germany (a 36-hour working week at the Faber-Castell factory), Portugal (decriminalised drug use...)


There's more — of course! — but by now the soapbox drift is crystal clear. If giving equals getting, the corollary is that the less you nurture as a country, the less everyone will walk away with, both materially and spiritually. So take that, plutocrats! This may be an-embracing and more playful Moore but his biases are no less evident than they ever were.