ANIMATION; 1hr 34min

VOICES BY: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez

Not home: Oh and Tip

Oh (busily voiced by Parsons) is a Boov: an extra-terrestrial cuddlebug who is (mainly) purple, pudgy and disaster-prone, with mangled speech patterns, a flurry of stumps for legs and eyes wide (mostly) with dismay. Fleeing a fearsome predator, the Boov have colonised Earth and relocated all humans with the exception of resourceful, Rihanna lookalike Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (Herself, and yep, she sings).


His fellow Boov have zero time for the clingy, ingratiating Oh on any planet, and less than zero when he unwittingly gives their new address away. Tip isn’t mad keen on Boov either. But since she’s set on finding her missing Mom (Lopez) and Oh is on the run from his incensed associates, commanded by the screamingly inept Captain Smek (Martin), their relationship is a case of needs must. At first.


We’re not talking hidden depths here: Home is animation as a candy factory explosion, SuperBall-bouncy and swirled with sunshine from Paris to Australia. It’s a prime kid-puller, in other words, wrapped up in a go-to message of personal courage and mutual tolerance and sweetened still further by a soulful theme from La Lopez. Feel the Light yet?