Beverly Hills Chihuahua

FAMILY COMEDY; 1hr 31min

STARRING: Jamie Lee Curtis, Piper Perabo; voices by Drew Barrymore, Andy Garcia

Chi chic: Perabo and Angel

As a title, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is perilously close to Beverly Hills Dog — but give the coddled woof-woofer a chance. Pertly voiced by Drew Barrymore, chihuahua Chloe is a designer-clad piece of work, right down to the booties and the bling (Curtis is her doting mama hen, Vivian). But when Chloe gets chi-napped on an unscheduled trip to Mexico with Vivian’s scatty niece Rachel (Perabo), she finds herself on the unforgiving streets. This is not good. And being the prized pet of a very rich woman, Chloe is worth a bundle, which certain shady types are set on collecting.


As Chloe and her rough-and-ready German shepherd helpmate Delgado (voiced by Garcia), pooches Angel, Samson and their back-up dogs take line honours for effort. And they’re not alone: the entire canine cast works overtime, with a little help from a CG iguana (Paul Rodriguez) and a thieving rat (Cheech Marin). It might be a dog-eat-dog world out there, but these guys have got every coping angle covered.