Monsters vs. Aliens

ANIMATION; 1hr 34min

VOICES BY: Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Paul Rudd, Will Arnett, Rainn Wilson, Jimmy Kimmel

Eye eye eye! Susan and Gallaxhar

The animation is alive and kicking in the 3-D alternaverse of Monsters vs. Aliens, and so is its ace voice cast, let loose in a gamut of strangeness. Witherspoon, as sweet as a candy cane, is California Everygirl Susan, who gets hit by a meteor on her wedding day to the insufferably smug Derek (Rudd) and morphs into a giantess. Since size does matter, Susan’s new enormity freaks out government sources and she is confined to a top-secret prison for fellow mutants. (Rogen as unsquashable, electric-blue, one-eyed blob B.O.B, Laurie as brainbox scuttler Dr Cockroach, PhD, Arnett as fish-primate combo The Missing Link, and Kimmel as whopper grub Insectosaurus make up the mix.) 


When the meteor is followed by a massive alien robot, only the combined might of the monsters is a match for the forces of destruction in the form of Gallaxhar, a bilious little critter (Wilson) with a swollen dome, four eyes and mincing tentacle legs. Nice one, awesomely talented animating types! This war of the techno worlds is trippy, soft-centred, action-stations epic and a feast for anybody’s eyes.