The Switch


STARRING: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman

Cold comfort: Bateman and Aniston

Aniston and Bateman need all the smarts they can muster in this cred-stretcher about 40-year-old-singleton Kassie (Aniston) who hankers for a baby, tick tock. Bateman is her droopy-drawers best boy-friend, Wally, whose feelings for Kassie run deeper than he knows, hence his crazy substitution when blind drunk of his sperm for that of the golden-guy donor (Patrick Wilson) at Kassie’s “insemination party.” Seven years later, Kassie, who leaves New York to raise her son (Thomas Robinson as Sebastian), is back in the big smoke. It’s as plain as day to his dad that the downcast tyke is a chip off the old Wally block. But how to break the news?


Aniston and Co pull off this ridiculous pickle by playing it for real. The adults are past masters, of course (Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis chip in as the obligatory humorous friends), but it’s a certain sad-eyed little guy as the oldest-soul kid in town who is the ace in a lightweight deck.